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Postal Code Search - Cambodia

Post Codes for all cities starting with A in Cambodia

Postal codes for all cities in Cambodia starting with the letter A are listed in the results below. To view the postal code for a city simply click on it's name. Our database contains millions of postal code records for almost every country in the world, however if you find missing or incorrect data, please let us know so we can update it.

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Anlong Thngan Kaeut Anlong Thngan Lech Angkar Khmau Anlong Sdei Anhchanh Anlong Mean Trop
Ansam Chek Anlong Svay Andoung Thmor Meas Ampel Kaong Anlong Sar Ampil
Anlong Thmei Anlong Vil Angkea Bos Ampil Prong Aekakpheap Andoung Khlong
Anlong Trach Anlong Ta Uor Ansang Sak Anlong Sandan Anlok Kaong Anlong Ta Mei
Andong Neang Andoung Chenh Ang Andoung Pring Anlong Rey Anlong Riang
Angkrong Anlong Sdau Anlong Koub Ampil Chhung Anlongkrouch AnlongsI■
Andaeuk Haeb Angdoek Dobmouy Ambib Anlong Pouk Andoung Pir Andoung Trach
Ambaeng Thngae Anlong Lvea Anlong Run Ang Cheung Ang Tboung Anlong Chrey
Andoung Snay Ak Tieng Ampil Tvear Andoung Treang areaks Andoung Lngieng
Ampil Kraom Ampil Leu Andoung Chraoh Ampil Chrum Andoung Pou Angkuonh Dei
Ampil Kranhanh Anlong Snouk Andoung Svay Angkor Ban Ti Bei Angkor Ban Ti Buon Angkor Ban Ti Muoy
Angkor Ban Ti Pir Angkor Ban Ti Pram Angkor Ban Ti Prambei Angkor Ban Ti Prambuon Angkor Ban Ti Prammuoy Angkor Ban Ti Prampir
Anlong Kokir Andoung Dai Andoung Ta Ong Anlong Ak Kaeut Anlong Ak Lech Ambaeng Ches
Angkor Chey Kraom Angkor Chey Leu Anlong Doung Ampol Angkam Andoung Ta Chou
Andoung Thma Kraom Andoung Thma Leu Ampil Cheung Ampil Tboung Andoung Angkor Knong
Angkor Krau Angkaeng Ampuk Andaot Andoung Chey Apuk
Ampil Thum Angkrang Andoung Pech Andoung Phdau Andoung Ta Loeng Angk
Areaks Tnaot Anlong Samlei Angkaol Ae Out Angk Kaev Anhchaeum
Aekkapheap Andoung Chea Andoung Lve Andoung Pok Angkor Chea Angkor Chey
Andoung Poung Andoung Rovieng Anhchanh Rung Along Ak Anlong Metrei Anlong Kanhchoh
Andoung Ronuk Ampil Tuek Andoung Tramung Anlong Tnaot Andoung Chrey Andoung Chek
a Laeng Andoung Preng Andoung Pour Andoung Chroh Andoung Ruessei Anlong Pring
Aleangkae Anlong Sangkae Aoral Angk Ta Am Angk Daek Kandal Andoung Lvea
Anlong Leak Angk Kdei Angk Rongeang Angk Prasat Angk Serei Ampeae Phnum
Angk Popel Angk Krasang Angk Romeas Angk Sangkream Angk Ta Lei Angk Roung
Angk Sa Khnay Angk Sokonthea Angkor Meas Angk Samraong Angk Khcheay Angk Kantouch
Andoung Prang Angk Doun Tei Angk Doun Pis Anlong Chamnar Angk Ta Pok Ak Yum
Ampil Ph'aem Anlong Phe ayean Angk Ta Aek Ampil Rung Angk Sandan
Andoung Chambak Angkor Ban Anlong Thloeng Ampov Aya Angvae
Anlong Popeay Angk Metrei Angk Ta Non Angk Khmau Angk Ta Loek Angk Tonloab
Anlong Snao Andoung Sla Angk Ta Mau Anlong Thomm anhaseh Ampil Kdar
Anlong Thma Anlong Veaeng Am Tong Angkor Neang Anlong Krasang Anlong Chuor
Andas Anlong Khtum Anlong Slaeng Ansar Krahay At Su Ansa
Andoung Trom Anlong Kranh Angk Khloam Ampov Prey achar Leak Anlong Louk
Ampuh Angk Rumduol Angk Chout Angk Khcheay Khang Cheung Angk Khcheay Khang Tboung Angkonh
Angk Mli Angk Svay Angk Khley Antong Baek Angk Ropeak Andoung Khmaer
Angk Chey Ti Muoy Angk Chey Ti Pir Anlong Thngan Andoung Chi Meun Anlong Meakprang Angk Boeng Chak
Angk Trakiet Angk Popeay Andoung Tuek Angkor Romeas Antong Kravien Angk Slaeng
Angk Samnang Angk Snuol Ti Bei Angk Snuol Ti Muoy Angk Snuol Ti Pir Angk Reaksmei Angk Khvean
Angk Srae Pou Angk Ta Set Ampov Prey Bei Ampov Prey Muoy Ampov Prey Pir Anlong Romiet Khang Cheung
Anlong Romiet Khang Tboung Anlong Roniet Khang Lech Amboes Anlong Barang Angk Khlaeu Anlong Slat
Anlong Sant Anlong Anhcheaeng Kraom Anhcheaeng Leu Akreiy Ksatr Anlong Trea
Ampil Dam Tuek Anlong Ta Sek Kraom Anlong Ta Sek Leu Anlong Vak An Chh'aeut a Loch
Antong Vien a Chen Ampok Anlong Preah Kou Ampeaeng Angkoul
Anlong Rak Sa Andoung Thma Anlong Krapeu Antreh Andoung Kraloeng Anlong Veng
Apivat Ampil Thmei Akpivat Angk Ta Kov Anlong Kong Ak Rumduol
Andoung Ta An Aksar Anlong Kngan Antil Andoung Phlu Akphivoat
Angkanh Angkal Andoung S'at Angkrong Ti Muoy Angk Chea Aek Ream
Angkor Yos Angveah Muoy Roy Ansaong Anlong Chak Anlong Reach Angkor Angk
a Kreach Ampeang Andoung Sala Angkor Sar Andoung Ta Sraen Angk Preah
Ampil Toul Angkor K'aot Angkea Dei Angkeas Dei Angk Svay Tu Anlong Char
Antreak Angkor Tret Ampil Krau Ambaeng Cheh Anlong Kray Andoung Krasang
Andoung Sanbuor Anlong Mean araen arang Pruoch Ansa Kdam Ansa Chambak
Ampil Kanhchrinh Anlong Hab anuk Antit Sokh Ampil Thnong Anlong Pring Kraom
Anlong Pring Leu Anlong Ruessei Anlong Samnar Anlong Chambak Ansang Pong Anlong Pir
Antangkon Ampil Peam areaks Svay aranh Ampov Dieb Anlong Thum
Anlong Kramuon Angk Sala Angk Kduoch Andoung Trabaek Angk Knong Angk Prasrae
Ak Muol Andoung Khmat Angk Pok Anlong Spean Angk Kabbas Angk Ruessei
Angk Ta Mouk Ak Neak Angkor Aopheasang Ampeae Tum Angk Kralanh
a Cheang Angk Krouch Anlong Tien ach Tonsay Angkunh Andoung Samretth
Andoung Chrung ang Khchau Andoung Thum Andoung Kien Amrae Ampil Kaeut
Ampil Lech Angk Svay Chek Angk Chruk Angk Sangkae Ampil Rieng Anlong Meas
Angk Roveay Angk Reang Angkor Phdiek a Roung Angk Chang'er Angk Ta Saom
Angk Tnaot Kaeut Angk Tnaot Lech Angkor Moeang Angk Baksei Ak Pong Angk Ta Ngel
Angk Kokir Angk Neareay Angk Ta Chan Angk Ta Kob Angk Ta Nu Angk Rumpeak
Angk Roneab Angk Trav Angk Keov Angk Roka Andaeng Sang Chvea Andaeng Sang Khmaer
Angk Run Angk Prangk Angk Ta Phouk