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Postal Code Search - Senegal

Post Codes for all cities starting with B in Senegal

Postal codes for all cities in Senegal starting with the letter B are listed in the results below. To view the postal code for a city simply click on it's name. Our database contains millions of postal code records for almost every country in the world, however if you find missing or incorrect data, please let us know so we can update it.

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Browse cities in Senegal
Baba Garage Bassoul Boulel Bandafassi Bembou Bagadadji
Badion Bignarabe Bourouco Bonconto Badegne Ouolof Barkedji
Boulal Bokiladji Bokidiawe Bokhol Boke Dialloube Boghal
Bona Baghere Bemet-Bijini Bambali Bélé Ballou
Bala Boynguel Bamba Bani Israel Boutoucoufara Bamba Thialène Balingore
Boutoupa Camar