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Postal Code Search - South Korea

Post Codes for all cities starting with I in South Korea

Postal codes for all cities in South Korea starting with the letter I are listed in the results below. To view the postal code for a city simply click on it's name. Our database contains millions of postal code records for almost every country in the world, however if you find missing or incorrect data, please let us know so we can update it.

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Ilgwang-myeon Iryu-myeon Iwol-myeon Iwon-myeon Inju-myeon Imcheon-myeon
Iin-myeon Ipjang-myeon Inji-myeon Igog 1(il)-dong Igog 2(i)-dong Igok-dong
Ipseok-dong Ingyo-dong Icheon-dong Ihyeon-dong In-dong Isa-dong
Ido-dong Igi-dong Iro-dong Ibam-dong Imdang-dong Inje-eup
Imgye-myeon Ilsan-dong Ilgok-dong Im-dong Imgok-dong Ijang-dong
Imam-dong Iljuk-myeon Inji-dong Imae-dong Idong-myeon Inchang-dong
Iljik-dong Ipbuk-dong Icheonucheguksaseoham Ilsan 1(il)-dong Ilsan 2(i)-dong Ilsan 3(sam)-dong
Imok-dong Ilpae-dong Ipae-dong Ingye-dong Ildong-myeon Ichung-dong
I-dong Il-dong Iui-dong Iljik-myeon Imdong-myeon Imha-myeon
Iseo-myeon Imeun-dong Imsu-dong Inui-dong Inwang-dong Indeok-dong
Irwol-dong Ian-myeon Inbong-dong Inpyeong-dong Imgo-myeon Isan-myeon
Ibam-myeon Irwol-myeon Ibang-myeon Irun-myeon Ikseon-dong Insa-dong
Ibanseong-myeon Ilbanseong-myeon Igeum-dong Ihol-dong Ilsin-dong Ihwa-dong
Imhak-dong Incheongyeyangucheguksaseoham Incheongonghangucheguksaseoham Inhyeon-dong Incheonucheguksaseoham Ido 1(il)-dong
Ido 2(i)-dong Iho 1(il)-dong Iho 2(i)-dong Iho-dong Ildo 1(il)-dong Ildo 2(i)-dong
Ildo-dong Inhudong 1(il)-ga Inhudong 2(i)-ga Impi-myeon Iksangongdanucheguksaseoham Iksanucheguksaseoham
Imsang-dong Inhwa-dong Inhwadong 1(il)-ga Inhwadong 2(i)-ga Imsir-eup Ipyeong-myeon
Ibaek-myeon Inwol-myeon Ingye-myeon Ip-myeon Iyang-myeon Imhoe-myeon
Illo-eup Ichang-dong Imja-myeon Inje-dong Inwol-dong Imun 1(il)-dong
Imun 2(i)-dong Imun 3(sam)-dong Imun-dong Insu-dong Irwon 1(il)-dong Irwon 2(i)-dong
Irwon-dong Irwonbon-dong Inheon-dong Inhyeondong 1(il)-ga Inhyeondong 2(i)-ga Ipjeong-dong
Ichon 1(il)-dong Ichon 2(i)-dong Ichon-dong Itaewon 1(il)-dong Itaewon 2(i)-dong Itaewon-dong