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Postal Code Search - South Korea

Post Codes for all cities starting with N in South Korea

Postal codes for all cities in South Korea starting with the letter N are listed in the results below. To view the postal code for a city simply click on it's name. Our database contains millions of postal code records for almost every country in the world, however if you find missing or incorrect data, please let us know so we can update it.

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Nakmin-dong Noksan-dong Nulcha-dong Namsan-dong Nopo-dong Nampo-dong
Nampodong 1(il)-ga Nampodong 2(i)-ga Nampodong 3(sam)-ga Nampodong 4(sa)-ga Nampodong 5(o)-ga Nampodong 6(yuk)-ga
Nambumin 1(il)-dong Nambumin 2(i)-dong Nambumin-dong Nambusanucheguksaseoham Namcheon 1(il)-dong Namcheon 2(i)-dong
Namcheon-dong Namhang-dong Namhangdong 1(il)-ga Namhangdong 2(i)-ga Namhangdong 3(sam)-ga Naebuk-myeon
Naesu-eup Nami-myeon Namil-myeon Nangseong-myeon Noeun-myeon Naegok-dong
Namchon-dong Naedeog 1(il)-dong Naedeog 2(i)-dong Naedeok-dong Namju-dong Nammunro 1(il)-ga
Nammunro 2(i)-ga Nam-dong Naehang-dong Namgok-dong Nampo-myeon Naesan-myeon
Nam-myeon Namyang-myeon Namseon-myeon Nae-dong Nonsanucheguksaseoham Noseong-myeon
Nogok-dong Nowondong 1(il)-ga Nowondong 2(i)-ga Nowondong 3(sam)-ga Nongong-eup Neungseong-dong
Namil-dong Namsan 1(il)-dong Namsan 2(i)-dong Namsan 3(sam)-dong Namsan 4(sa)-dong Namseongno
Namdaeguucheguksaseoham Naedang 1(il)-dong Naedang 2.3-dong Naedang 4(sa)-dong Naedang-dong Nobyeon-dong
Naetap-dong Nangwol-dong Noeun-dong Nagwon-dong Namsan-myeon Naan-dong
Namhangjin-dong Nammun-dong Nangok-dong Noam-dong Nae-myeon Naechon-myeon
Namyang-dong Nogok-myeon Nohak-dong Numun-dong Naenam-dong Naesan-dong
Nodae-dong Naebang-dong Nongseong 1(il)-dong Nongseong 2(i)-dong Nongseong-dong Namsa-myeon
Naeyu-dong Nongseo-dong Namjong-myeon Noonsa-dong Neung-dong Naesammi-dong
Nueup-dong Namchang-dong Namsu-dong Neunggok-dong Nongok-dong Nambucheonucheguksaseoham
Nagyang-dong Nogyang-dong Naeson 1(il)-dong Naeson 2(i)-dong Naeson-dong Nambang-dong
Neungseo-myeon Nambu-dong Namhu-myeon Noha-dong Nokjeon-myeon Nambin-dong
Nongso-myeon Namtong-dong Naenam-myeon Nodong-dong Noseo-dong Namcheon-myeon
Nongam-myeon Naengrim-dong Naeseo-myeon Nakdong-myeon Naksang-dong Namjang-dong
Namjeok-dong Namseong-dong Nokjeon-dong Namjeong-myeon Namji-eup Naeri-dong
Namji-dong Namha-myeon Namsang-myeon Nambu-myeon Neungpo-dong Naedong-myeon
Naeseo-eup Naei-dong Naeil-dong Namhae-eup Neukdo-dong Noryong-dong
Nakseo-myeon Naega-myeon Nooji-dong Nambuk-dong Namincheonucheguksaseoham Nonhyeon-dong
Naedo-dong Nohyeong-dong Namwon-eup Namjeong-dong Nanbong-dong Naecho-dong
Naeheung-dong Napo-myeon Naun 1(il)-dong Naun 2(i)-dong Naun 3(sam)-dong Naun-dong
Namjung-dong Nangsan-myeon Naejang-dong Nongso-dong Naecheok-dong Namwonucheguksaseoham
Namnosong-dong Nodong-myeon Nasan-myeon Neungju-myeon Namgyo-dong Najuucheguksaseoham
Namnae-dong Namoe-dong Nampyeong-eup Nampyeongucheguksaseoham Noan-myeon Nagan-myeon
Nohwa-eup Nagwol-myeon Nakpo-dong Noryangjin 1(il)-dong Noryangjin 2(i)-dong Noryangjin-dong
Nokbeon-dong Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong Nonhyeon 2(i)-dong Naebalsan 1(il)-dong Naebalsan-dong Nakseongdae-dong
Namhyeon-dong Nanhyang-dong Naeja-dong Naesu-dong Nuha-dong Nusang-dong
Namdaemunro 1(il)-ga Namdaemunro 2(i)-ga Namdaemunro 3(sam)-ga Namdaemunro 4(sa)-ga Namdaemunro 5(o)-ga Namhak-dong
Namsandong 1(il)-ga Namsandong 2(i)-ga Namsandong 3(sam)-ga Nogosan-dong Naengcheon-dong Namgajwa 1(il)-dong
Namgajwa 2(i)-dong Namgajwa-dong Namyeong-dong Namhwa-dong Namulsanucheguksaseoham