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Postal Code Search - South Korea

Post Codes for all cities starting with P in South Korea

Postal codes for all cities in South Korea starting with the letter P are listed in the results below. To view the postal code for a city simply click on it's name. Our database contains millions of postal code records for almost every country in the world, however if you find missing or incorrect data, please let us know so we can update it.

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Browse cities in South Korea
Pung-dong Pyeong-dong Pyeongchon-dong Punggi-dong Pungse-myeon Pangyo-myeon
Palbong-myeon Paldal-dong Paho-dong Pyeonggwang-dong Pojeong-dong Pyeongri 1(il)-dong
Pyeongri 2(i)-dong Pyeongri 3(sam)-dong Pyeongri 4(sa)-dong Pyeongri 5(o)-dong Pyeongri 6(yuk)-dong Pyeongri-dong
Pa-dong Panam 1(il)-dong Panam 2(i)-dong Panam-dong Pyeongreung-dong Ponam 1(il)-dong
Ponam 2(i)-dong Ponam-dong Pyeongchang-eup Pyeongjeon-dong Panbu-myeon Pyeongwon-dong
Punghyang-dong Pungam-dong Pangyo-dong Pogog-eup Pungdo-dong Pyeongan-dong
Pungmu-dong Pungsan-dong Paltan-myeon Pajang-dong Pyeongnae-dong Paju-eup
Pajuucheguksaseoham Papyeong-myeon Paldallo 1(il)-ga Paldallo 2(i)-ga Paldallo 3(sam)-ga Paengseong-eup
Poseung-eup Pyeongtaegucheguksaseoham Pyeongtaek-dong Palgogi-dong Palgogil-dong Po-dong
Pungdeokcheon 1(il)-dong Pungdeokcheon 2(i)-dong Pungdeokcheon-dong Poil-dong Pungcheon-myeon Pungsan-eup
Pyeonghwa-dong Punggak-myeon Pacheon-myeon Pyeongsan-dong Pohangucheguksaseoham Pyeonghae-eup
Pungyang-myeon Punggi-eup Pyeongeun-myeon Paryong-dong Pungyu-dong Pungho-dong
Panmun-dong Pyeonggeo-dong Pyeongrim-dong Pyoseon-myeon Palbokdong 1(il)-ga Palbokdong 2(i)-ga
Palbokdong 3(sam)-ga Palbokdong 4(sa)-ga Palbong-dong Paldeok-myeon Pungsan-myeon Pungnamdong 1(il)-ga
Pungnamdong 2(i)-ga Pungnamdong 3(sam)-ga Pyeonghwadong 1(il)-ga Pyeonghwadong 2(i)-ga Pyeonghwadong 3(sam)-ga Podu-myeon
Palgeum-myeon Pungdeok-dong Pyeongyeo-dong Palpan-dong Pirun-dong Pyeongchang-dong
Pildong 1(il)-ga Pildong 2(i)-ga Pildong 3(sam)-ga Pungnab 1(il)-dong Pungnab 2(i)-dong Pungnap-dong